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We Are Looking For A Small Group of Women Who Want To Tone, Slim & Feel AWESOME In Our New
28-Day "FIT for the Holidays" Super-Wellness Program
We Are Looking For A Small Group of Women Who Want To Tone, Slim & Feel AMAZING In Our
28-Day "FIT for the Holidays" Super-Wellness Program
Registration Closes In...
NOW Only $88 for This Seasonal Special (normal $198 Value)
Get Fit & Healthy WITHOUT Hardcore Workouts Like Dangerous HIIT or Painful Bootcamps
Have you tried painful and grueling mass-market workouts that felt like torture?

Did you ever feel like you were pushing too hard and risking injury in a previous fitness program?

Ever find yourself feeling out of place and doing "the wrong thing".

Well, no worries because we specialize in what's called, "LIIT" - The Gentle Fitness Method. (LOW-Impact Interval Training)

Experience the feeling of "re-awakening" the YOU of year's past and see changes you never thought you could! 

You'll never think of fitness the same again - GUARANTEED! These spots go VERY fast, so reserve yours now!
Come to 3 of Our “LIIT” Fitness Sessions Each Week In Studio
Each one of our gentle fitness sessions lasts only 30-minutes which means they are convenient, effective and will fit the busiest of schedules.

These sessions are scientifically proven to help burn more excess fat & tone your body gently. PLUS they will leave you feeling energized each time you leave.
Follow Our Simple & Delicious "Lean-Bod" Food Guides
Who says healthy eating has to be confusing or tasteless?

These meals can be prepped in just minutes, they are convenient, easy to make, affordable, and will prove to you that healthy eating can be delicious as well as nutritious!
28-Day "FIT for the Holidays” ONLY $88! (normal $198 Value)
What Makes This Program So Different?
We know what you are thinking right now...

"What makes this unique program any different than all of the other fitness "noise" that is showing up in my social media news feeds and inbox?"

And frankly, that is a great question to be asking...

Bottom line is that we are the only program in the area specializing in GENTLY guiding women with our unique, Super-Low-Impact program.

We tailor the program to YOUR needs.  We also guarantee results or your money back. Not to mention a fun and supportive environment that will help trying something new VERY enjoyable.

But if you want a true comparison of why we are different and why our programs work so well, check the chart below...
What's the Difference Between SCULPTAFIT and Those "Other Places"?
  • Guaranteed Results or your $ Back
  • Experienced & Caring Coaches specializing in fitness for women
  • Full Accountability so you easily stay on track
  • 100% Support so you don’t have to go it alone
  • 3 LIIT sessions/ Week making it easier on your schedule
  • FIT-Q Assessments to track your positive progress 
  • Fitness/Lifestyle Coaching so that you can build long-term habits that will keep you Fit & Healthy
  • Enjoy a Fun & Non-Intimidating Environment so you can feel comfortable at every session
  • Feel Great Knowing This Is "For Women Only"
  • Get Treated Like Family every time you walk in the doors
Local Busy Gym, Bootcamp or Crowded Health Club
  • Grueling workouts that are painful & dangerous
  • Overcrowded & intimidating atmosphere
  • Have to pay extra every time you attend a fitness class
  • Hardcore methods that cause injuries
  • Extra charges for Meal Plans and Nutritionists
  • WON’T give you your money back if you aren’t happy
  • Creepy beings and odd characters
  • Smelly and Sweaty Machines with Nasty Germs
  • Always wondering if you're doing the right thing or not
  • No camaraderie and no like-minded people
  • Leave you feeling confused, lost and frustrated
My name is Joey Atlas and I'm known worldwide as the 'Women's health and body enhancement specialist'... And my Amazing SCULPTAFIT Certified Coaching Team now helps me deliver our 100% unique method to the local women of Saint Johns and Mandarin, FL

I have a Bachelors and Masters in Exercise Physiology and I KNOW that proper, gentle exercise methods CAN and DO give incredible results when done under the right guidance and coaching.

Forget the painful, body-bashing, grueling workouts that make you feel beat-up and demoralized, come try the newest, smartest and safest way to your best health and body.

YOU deserve this!!

Hear from Some of the Ladies Here...
Now, if you are actually reading this part of the page, I am going to assume that you are a Woman and you're looking for something to help you lose weight, burn fat, and simply FEEL great!

Fitness doesn't have to be back-breaking.  With our proprietary Low-Impact method you will be sure to safely reach your goals!
Now I know, you still might be a little skeptical... 
I know I would be if I were you.
You're probably wondering if this will actually work for you and you are probably a little nervous or scared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

I want you to know something... 

We are here for you, my coaches are here for you and most importantly, all of our members are here for you - we are a family.

What's Included With the 28-Day "FIT for the Holidays" Program? 
  • 12 Semi-Private Small-Group LIIT Fitness Sessions 
  • 28 Days of Healthy Fat-Burning Eating Plans that will make healthy eating simple and delicious no matter how picky of an eater you are.
  • Grocery Shopping List that will save you time and money in the store while helping you thin down and tone up!
  • Fit-Q Assessment to track your progress!
  • Unlimited Support & Accountability from the SCULPTAFIT family that will help you stay motivated to accomplish your goals!
Guided Fitness + Supportive Community = Guaranteed Results
Ok, So How Much Is This Amazing Program?
Well that's really the best part!

Last year we ran this program for $198 and even that was an awesome deal! And now to celebrate our third year in business we are running this amazing special. 

You can claim your spot in this 28-Day Super-Wellness Program right now for just $88

I mean much is getting that excess, unhealthy weight off of your body worth to you? 
Probably more than a measly $2.93/day right? Of course it is...

Then, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but all the heavy excess;)

There's no need to hesitate, claim your spot today, and get the health & wellness you deserve.

The BEST part is that this program comes with a risk free money back guarantee. 

If you are unhappy for any reason at the end of this program, we will issue you a full refund...No Hassle...No Hard Feelings.

That is how confident we are that you will absolutely LOVE what this program does for YOU!
Registration Closes In...
Where Is Your Location?
116 Bartram Oaks Walk Suite # 103 Saint Johns, FL 32259

How can we get a hold of you if we have a question?
(904) 891-3680
How Long Are Your Sessions?
Each small-group fitness session is about 36 minutes in length which makes them VERY easy to squeeze into busy schedules.
What is your schedule? 
==>> SCULPTAFIT "LIIT" Fitness Sessions are about 36 minutes.
If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
YES, this is a GENTLE & unique approach to exercise that caters to  ALL levels - and we have customizations for every exercise and we can further adjust the program to fit your specific needs and goals.
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